Wood Finishes

RITVER guarantees to take excellent care of your Wood!

Wood Finishes

Wood Coatings

Ritver one of the largest producers of wood coatings in the world and market leader in the MENA region.
Ritver’s Wood finishes division was initiated in Milano-Italy and expanded to the United Arab Emirates in the year 2000. In the midst of technological complications and the challenges that Wood Coatings would encompass, Ritver’s leadership was committed to provide state of the art products and invest largely in Research and Development. Ritver has ventured with numerous multinationals in dual manufacturing agreements and has involved third party laboratories and professionals to further develop its full range of products. Ritver is now one of the largest producers of Wood coatings in the world and by far the leading producer in the MENA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
Our Wood Range englobes: Polyurethane base coats and insulators, wood preservatives, single pack varnishes, polyester coatings, traditional nitrocellulose, fire retardant PU, stains for wood, water borne varnishes, tinting system, UV curing, Non-Yellowing varnishes, Pre-catalyzed products and special effects varnishes.
Wood coating quality control: Ritver wood finishes quality control work flow is compliant with strict international standards such the British Standard, the American standard and AFNOR. It has in its records thousands of Lab test reports and compliance reports and has received numerous certificates from world leading third party bodies.
Wood finishes product offering:
1. Polyurethane Base Coats and Insulators
2. Wood Preservatives
3. Single Pack Varnishes
4. Polyester Coatings
5. Traditional Nitrocellulose
6. Fire Retardant Polyurethane
7. Stains for Wood
8. Waterborne Varnishes
9. Tinting System
10. UV Curing
11. Acrylic Non-Yellowing Varnishes
12. Pre-Catalyzed Products
13. Special Effects Varnishes
14. Anti-Scratch Paints
15. Anti-Heat Paints
16. Liquid Masking Film

Wood Coatings Solutions

LEED Certification: Ritver commits itself to Green Solutions by creating eco-friendly range of products in order to protect our future generation.
Anti-Scratch: Anti-scratch is formulated with high end resin and special raw materials that give the final film a high end properties and a extremely scratch proof surface.
Anti-Heat: Anti-Heat is a two component scratch proof clear polyurethane topcoat with high mechanical resistance. It exhibits fast drying, good transparency and very good leveling.
Liquid Masking Film: Liquid Masking Film is a clear, colorless, flexible waterborne coating for the temporary protection of coated surfaces from mechanical damages during handing, transportation of installation.
Special Effects: Ritver offers a wide range of special effects paints that adds luxury and style to one’s interior and exterior space.

Wood Glue

Our wood adhesives range has excellent “gap-filling” ability, meaning it soaks into the wood and leaves no empty gaps, therefore it has flawless structural integrity. The full range of products cover numerous applications and therefore would spare wood workers from using tight-fitting joints and save time and effort
White Glue: It is used wherever special water resistance is required, for gluing windows and doors, kitchens and bathroom furniture made of soft and hard woods, for wooden panels covering with plastic laminate, paper and veneer by cold or hot presses. Powder Glue: It is used in the wood industry for hot-setting and high frequency bonding. The Powder glue is used for veneering to produce plywood, cored panels, chipboard and furniture required to have high tenacity and resistance
Outdoor and metal to metal: It is used to produce windows and stairs. For bonding wood and wooden-by materials to vanished/painted surfaces, metal, melamine-base materials, felts, glass wool and ceramic panels.
Hot Melt: It is used for gluing edges made of laminate, melamine-base materials, PVC and ABS with primer, particularly when a frequent change in the colors of edges and panels is requested.

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