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Decorative Finishes

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A Creative Team Of Architects, Interior Designers, Artists and Color Professionals!


Ritver’s decorative finishes division is a fully independent business unit that has a full dedicated team of artists and experts.

Ritver’s senior management has realized that decorative and architectural paints need a special set of competences and skills and above all a corporate culture that fosters creativity, innovation and novelty. Therefore, our unique team has been able to introduce innovative special effects wall paints and initiated color trends and tones in the Middle East and African markets. We also believe that trends are country specific and therefore Ritver decorative finishes division has a team of 15 nationalities in different geographical areas that reflects the taste of the countries where Ritver is physically present. Ritver expanded through 50 Showrooms operating in many cities in the Middle East, GCC, Europe & Africa.

We also have simply become more flexible and fluent in presenting our color selection range through our Tinting Color Studio that offers over 150,000 colors.


Wall Paints Products Offerings

1. Interior Paints (system for): Interior Water Base - Interior Solvent Base

2. Exterior Paints (system for): Exterior Water Based - Exterior Solvent Based - Texotile Paints - Texture Paints

3. Specialty Paints Anti-Bacterial Paints - Anti-Graffiti Paints - Self-Washing Paints - Water Repellent Paints

4. Thermoguard Emulsion (Temperature insulating emulsion)

Ritver Decorative Paints Special Feature Items


Paints For Ceramic: Ritver Paints for Ceramic is a special coating formulated to give long lasting protection on ceramic surfaces. It exhibits unsurpassed adhesion to ceramic surfaces where ordinary paints fail.


Board Paints: Ritver Board Paints is a two component easy to clean coating that effectively protecs the underlying substrate from multiples graffiti attacks.


Anti-Mosquito: Ritver Anti-Mosquito is a premium grade emulsion with mosquito-repellent properties and the same time gives a smooth and luxurous finish.


Anti-Bacterial Paints: Ritver Anti - Bacterial paints is a premium grade Emulsion with an Anti - Bacterial properties and at the same time gives a smooth and luxurious finish.


Fire Rated Blazebar: Ritver Blazebar fire retardant emulsion is having a fire retardant properties to protect the walls for fire invasions.


Temperature Insulating Emulsion: It is a high end Emulsion that preserve the ambiant temperature inside a room.


Neon Paint: Ritver Neon Paint is a powerful paint that absorbs the surrounding light and lets it flourish in space when darkness occurs..


Chalk Board Paint: Ritver Chalk Board Paint is a handy tool for you to apply on your wall, which allows you to write your daily reminders, or express your artistic flair, then rub it off at any given time.


Marker Board Paint: Ritver Marker Board Paint is a handy tool for you to apply on your wall, allowing you to write or draw over it, then wipe it off with ease.

Special Wall Paints

Decorative Creations:

Atmosphera - Artista - Amalfi - Italian Stucco - Perlato Effetto - Multicopearlo - Sabbia Perlata - Lorento - Patinato - Sandica - Rustico - Effetto Jeans - Pomice - Travertino - Marmarino - Metallico - Ferro Antico - Thickness Stucco - Croccodrillo - Pitone - Fiore

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